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Narcis-sus, your Eboutique.
About Us.

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launched on December of 2009, is an online fashion mecca that brings you babes the fantabulous plus sophisticated fashion in town. "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different"- CocoChanel, is our quote to live by, therefore with only one piece being released for each design and colour, you can be unique!


should you have any enquiries, do drop us an email at narcis-sus@hotmail.com / speak with us via the chatbox below. We'll reply within 24hrs.

Meet The Model - Jacy .

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Height : 176cm
Vital Statistics : 34-24-34

Terms & Conditions.
  • All prices shown are fixed and exclusive of postage fees.

  • All item(s) sold are non-refundable/non-exchangeble.

  • We'll not be liable for any lost/damaged item(s) sent during delivery

  • Item(s) are absolutely brand new and in great condition.

  • Original colour might be slightly different from the picture due to the computer monitor setting.

  • All photos in this website belong to copyright of Narcis-sus, Your Eboutique. Do not steal our photos without informing us.

  • For Payment:
  • Bank in/Maybank transfer/internet banking.

  • Cash on delivery (for meet-ups).

  • Payment has to be made within 3days or else your order will be revoked.

  • For Postage:
  • West M'sia ~

  • 0.5kg(1-3pcs) for RM6.00
    1.0kg(4-6pcs) for RM8.50
  • East M'sia ~

  • 0.5kg(1-3pcs) for RM9.00
    1.0kg(4-6pcs) for RM13.00
  • Item(s) will be mailed out the next working day once payment has been received. PosLaju normally takes 1-3days to arrive.

  • For Meet-ups:
  • FOC at Jusco,Kepong

  • RM3 for Hartamas Area

  • RM5 for One Utama

  • non of the above locations are convenient for you? tell us and we'll see what can we do.

    Place Your Order(s).

    Step 1:
    Fill in this ORDER FORM(click it!).

    Step 2:
    Check your mailbox as we'll send you a confirmation mail as soon as possible, please reply it within 24hrs.

    Step 3:
    Payment. All the information for this step will be clearly stated in the confirmation mail.

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    Thursday, January 28, 2010
    Announcement :

    CNY is around the corner :D , and we're giving 10% off on all items .
    so grab it fast babes !
    29th of Jan - 12th of Feb

    Monday, January 18, 2010
    Loose up those buttons

    Item : Skirt (belt not included)
    Item Code : N0034

    like a Melody .

    Item : Top (not included tank top inside)
    Item Code : N0033

    were Those just words ?

    Item : Skirt
    Item Code : N0032
    Price : RM45
    Colour : Black
    Size : S , M

    forget bout your Boyfriend and ..

    Item : Blazer
    Item Code : N0031
    Price : RM60
    Colour : As Above
    Size : Free Size

    Shorty get LOW .

    Item : Top
    Item Code : N0030
    Price : RM33
    Colour : Green + White
    Size : Free Size

    Sunday, December 27, 2009
    you go away , I know

    Item : Checked Top (tank top not included)
    Item Code : N0028
    Price : RM30
    Colour : Green , Red
    Size : Free Size

    i must stick with you

    Item : Dress (belt not included)
    Item Code : N0027
    Price : RM46
    Colour : Red , Green
    Size : Free Size (stripe adjustable)

    party like a Rock Star

    Item : Dress
    Item Code : N0026
    Price : RM42
    Colour : Black
    Size : Free Size

    ohhh Hot like Me

    Item : Top (included tank top inside)
    Item Code : N0025
    Price : RM45
    Colour : Grey (first picture) , Brown (second picture)
    Size : Free Size

    All i can think about is You

    Item : Dress
    Item Code : N0024
    Price : RM45
    Colour : Pink , Blue
    Size : Free Size

    Do you remember

    Item : Long sleeve top (with scarf)
    Item Code : N0023
    Price : RM41
    Colour : as above
    Size : free size

    Sunday, December 20, 2009
    i'd stupid and trust .

    spotted ! we stole this look from Blair of Gossip Girl .

    Item : Dress (with belt) [inspired by Topshop]
    Item Code : N0022

    all you Wanted is to be Wanted .

    Item : Dress
    Item Code : N0021
    Price : RM44
    Colour : Black , Grey
    Size : Free Size

    you're Hot then you're Cold .

    Item : Skirt
    Item Price : N0020

    He's the reason .

    *its navy blue ribbon

    Item : Dress
    Item Code : N0019
    Price : RM46
    Colour : White , Purple
    Size : Free Size

    say You Love Me too .

    Item : Dress (with belt)
    Item Code : N0018

    Monday, December 7, 2009
    my heart goes Sha-La-La-La-Laa .

    Item : Skirt [inspired by Topshop]
    Item Code : N0017

    im on Patron Tequila .

    Item : Dress
    Item Code : N0016

    dont Stop , make it Pop .

    Item : Top (not included tank-top inside)
    Item Code : N0015
    Price : RM45
    Colour : Black , White
    Size : Free Size

    run Baby run .. .

    Item : Bag
    Item Code : N0014

    sometimes i Wish i Could .

    Item : Dress
    Item Code : N0013
    Price : RM40
    Colour : White+Black(first picture), Black+White(second picture)
    Size : Free Size (fits S-M only)

    my Heart Loves the view .

    Item : Bag
    Item Code : N0012
    Price : RM28
    Colour : White
    Type : Mini Sling Bag

    you always thought that i was Stronger .

    Item : Bag
    Item Code : N0011
    Price : RM52
    Colour : White
    Type : Leather Tote

    Scent of my Hair .

    Item : Dress
    Item Code : N0010